Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

Thriving Business and Jobs

Local businesses are the driving force behind our community. A strong, thriving business presence is fundamental to Coquitlam not only in providing employment but by also adding livability and vibrancy to our neighbourhoods.

I want fewer people hanging their hat in Coquitlam at night and leaving the city to work elsewhere during the day. I will continue to do as much as possible to create more local job opportunities so more residents can live AND work here. I will continue to support regulations and zoning that are business-friendly and streamlined – less “red tape”–and continue to work to create conditions, including modifications to commercial taxes/fees, for small business opportunities to develop, grow and prosper.

Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our community. More and more people are taking this route and creating businesses and ultimately, jobs. I think incentives and policies need to be created to make it easier for this to happen – for a business to succeed.  I’m proud that the City of Coquitlam recently established Business LinQ – a One-Stop Business Resource Centre that links existing or prospective Coquitlam businesses to the resources and support they need. http://www.coquitlam.ca/city-services/starting-a-business/business-linq 


As a Council we are currently looking at strategies to attract more office space to our City – and in particular to the areas served by rapid transit. We are making progress and I look forward to continuing with this initiative.  I discovered that Coquitlam has a history of allowing developers to bank office space. I don’t support that happening in the future.  I will ensure that no more office space is deferred and we get the office space we need to generate employment growth.  https://www.tricitynews.com/real-estate/developers-bank-too-much-office-space-city-1.23344616

As a resident, a mother, and someone involved in coordinating events–big and small–I’ve always supported and promoted our local businesses. My family and I shop local as often as we can–including the Farmers’ Market and U-Pick blue berries at Coquitlam farms.  I attend Chamber of Commerce events so I can connect with even more local businesses and entrepreneurs.