Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor


During my first term on Council, the Evergreen Line opened! Coquitlam will need to continue connecting our bus, bike, and pedestrian networks to the rapid transit to allow residents to increase their mobility while decreasing their dependence on automobiles. I’m hearing that many feel they wait too long for a bus to arrive so they turn to their car.  

I will continue to advocate so transit options are delivered to where there’s demand and seamless connectivity is provided throughout our entire community.

We have made progress and I will continue to work to ensure that bike and pedestrian networks are a safe and accessible way to provide opportunities for residents to use healthy and eco-friendly transportation modes.

I will also continue to work to make certain that new development around Evergreen Line stations includes appropriate densities, streets that are pedestrian-friendly, and perhaps a creative blend of land uses, in order to maximize the fundamentals of transit-oriented development. The more residents we have living and working close to our up-and-coming high-quality rapid transit, the better.

I also think that Coquitlam’s transportation challenges should be made a higher priority amongst the region in order to deliver the appropriate levels of transportation options to all areas of our growing city. Continued advocacy and collaboration with all relevant parties involved to achieve these successes will be what’s needed. I am dismayed at the delay in the upgrades to the Brunette Interchange.  I will continue to advocate for the improvements to be made as quickly as possible.  

I am a firm believer that more gets accomplished when relationships are good, and I will continue to have positive working relationships with TransLink and all stakeholders involved in addressing transportation issues and challenges.

I believe that more must be done to incentivize people to get out of their single-occupancy car.  Our region is growing, with growth comes more cars on our roads.  We absolutely MUST increase our options to get around efficiently: buses, car sharing, ride hailing, u-bikes, pedestrian-friendly, connected neighbourhoods.  

When looking at multi-family development proposals, I ask what the plans are for car-sharing if that information isn’t provided in the report.  I want more opportunities for families to be able to abandon their second car. 

I want more infrastructure for cycling and have been a very loud advocate for ride hailing in our region/province – including having our Council send a letter to the Province asking to implement a framework for ridesharing.  We’ve sent that letter to both governments that have been in power over my term.

We need more options on how to move around our region.