Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

Serving With Integrity – No “Political” Games

I believe that taxpayers expect us to work respectfully and collaboratively with each other as well as with other municipalities, levels of governments and stakeholders to address challenges, find solutions and get things done.  Playing politics, being partisan, causing divisiveness and being adversarial is not productive, not effective and is not my style. 

I consider it an honour to be elected by Coquitlam citizens and to represent them at the council table  It truly is a privilege – one I take very seriously.  Over my first term on Council I have witnessed all sorts of non-collaborative, very political, “game playing” behaviours.  I will never publicly call people out but instead, promise Coquitlam residents that I will always work hard, be respectful, create a space to find solutions and not promote divisiveness pitting people, groups or levels of government against each other. 

One example:  I will never vote against something that has a bit of opposition that I know will pass so I can reap the benefits of getting support from residents who are happy it passed (because Council passed it) AND the support of the people who were against it.  Being able to stand on the doorsteps and take credit for being on Council when something passes and the resident is happy (residents don’t remember who voted against it when it passes) as well as when a resident is upset something passed and being able to say, “I voted against it”.  I will always vote for or against something based on what I think is the best decision for the community at large – not to gain political points or support on the doorsteps.    

This is just one example as to how I WON’T behave.  You can always count on me to act with integrity, not play political games (I don’t believe in making a mockery of democracy) and respecting the trust the residents placed in me by electing me.   I ALWAYS have the community’s best interest in mind and that will always show through.

Our community will be a better place when we all work together toward a common goal rather than against each other.  Let’s keep Coquitlam the great place it is by staying focused on what the residents elect us to do!