Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

Our Natural Environment

Coquitlam is a beautiful city containing many waterways, green spaces, forests and natural habitats and we need to work hard as a community to protect and preserve these. We need to balance the region’s development with preservation and enhancement of the natural environment. I am fully supportive of the Metro Vancouver Urban Containment Boundary and ensuring all future development – based on growth projections to 20141 – is accommodated inside this boundary.  

I will continue to work with Council and the stewardship groups to ensure we protect, enhance and preserve our streams and natural environment.

I will also work to ensure the local stewardship groups receive the necessary funding to continue doing the great work they are currently undertaking.  I absolutely love attending the Environmental Awards luncheon every year and hearing about all the great work groups in our community are doing for our green spaces and natural habitats. We have so much to celebrate! 

A tremendous asset to residents of Coquitlam, the region, and entire province, in more ways than one, is the natural beauty of the Riverview Lands. The treasured botanical garden and irreplaceable arboretum most definitely need to be preserved so it can always be celebrated and enjoyed.

Environmental Initiatives:  I pick up litter regularly and organize community litter pick-up events – that are very well attended!  I’ve also become known by many residents as the “Councillor to call/email” when illegally dumped garbage/junk is discovered. I’ve had “No Smoking” signs installed at gathering areas in parks where I discovered discarded cigarette butts in the bark mulch, the dry grass etc.  (even though smoking is not permitted in Coquitlam parks) 

I proposed a “Curbside Giveaway” initiative to increase recycling and keep more items out of the landfill.  Engineering & Public Works is currently working on a report for Council about this idea.

I attend tree planting, invasive weed pulling and shoreline clean up events that are organized throughout the year. Anything to keep our natural environment protected – and beautiful.

I believe trees are very important natural assets. The issues pertaining to urban forests and an urban tree canopy aren’t simply about the beautification of our cities. The issues are around human health and the health of our planet. In other words, it’s not just about the trees but also about the people. 

It’s very important for municipalities to have policies that balance private property rights and the protection of trees and to have effective practises for engaging the community with respect to trees.