Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

My Independent Candidacy

The Coquitlam Public Library hosted an All-Candidates “Meet & Greet” meeting earlier this month.  It was fantastic! I was very pleased to see such a high level of engagement on behalf of Coquitlam residents. 

I chatted with residents about zumba classes, bear aware education, speeding cars on our streets, densification, land use, “good neighbour” behaviours, the Riverview lands, cannabis regulation, assisting newcomers – and more!  I enjoyed every moment of it.

One member of the public told me he received an email from a Federal-level elected official endorsing a Coquitlam municipal candidate and he was disturbed by it.  He didn’t think that federally tax-payer paid politicians should be getting involved in municipal elections – that it’s not their job, not what they are elected and paid to do.  He then asked me what political parties and groups I had working with me and for me. 

My answer: 

I have no endorsement from or “towing of the line” affiliations with any political parties. I am independent with respect to my role as Council candidate.

I am not endorsed by an elector organization.

I am not endorsed by any political advocacy group.

I am not endorsed by any electoral slate.

I have no endorsement or support from a Federal or Provincial party, constituency or riding association or affiliated group. 

I am not endorsed by any labour union, labour congress or labour council. 

I am not endorsed by any special interest group.

There’s no organization, party or federal/provincial politician sending out spam emails or doing robo-calls telling people to vote for me.  

I’ll admit, I was encouraged to meet with a Labour group with respect to my re-election because I’m so “non-partisan”, “smart-growth oriented”, “inclusive” and “vote on the issues as they relate to Coquitlam residents – not according to towing any political ideology”.  I was curious so I took an hour out of my day and went to the interview.  During the meeting I was actually asked to do things, in my role of Councillor, that are against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!   I pushed back during these requests and of course didn’t receive the endorsement. Even if I did, I would have said “Thanks, but no thanks”.  I honour the Canadian Charter – and myself. 

I serve my community to do just that: serve.  I don’t serve to push the agenda of any organization that isn’t simply the residents of Coquitlam.

I thanked this resident for his question and the opportunity to articulate all I had to say about this topic with respect to my candidacy.