Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

Child Care

Child care is a very much-needed amenity in our society today – including Coquitlam. Childcare options can help lift a family, and the lack of options can result in the opposite.  I am an avid supporter of, and will continue to advocate for, the development of childcare opportunities in our community – through schools, rec centres and park spaces, through density and regulatory incentives for daycare providers, and through zoning and land use requirements for developers.

I am in favour of looking at ways in which the City can streamline the process for operators to obtain appropriate zoning and licenses and looking at ways we can incentivize and assist groups wanting to operate a child care facility in Coquitlam. 

To help address the affordability issue affecting our region, in addition to aiming for a wide variety of housing options and solutions, we must also embrace creative solutions for other elements affecting affordability: transportation, the creation of good jobs AND the availability of childcare in our city.  

Years ago when a childcare facility in a Central Coquitlam elementary school was being shut down by SD43 because the space was needed by a Strong Start program moving in, I very strongly advocated to the MLA, the school district and rallied the parents at the school to save the daycare.  Our efforts were rewarded!  The District built a facility on-site and the facility is still used by working families today.  

Council has had many discussions on the issue of child care, and we’ve made progress – though I and others would like to see more.  The City has added a “Child Care Strategy” to its workplan and is dedicating resources towards analyzing the issues and coming up with concrete solutions. We’ve also met with the Province of BC representatives on the Child Care file and with SD43 to discuss moving forward and addressing the child care crunch in our city.

A childcare proposal on Burke Mountain:  http://bit.ly/2LVElF5 I was very happy to support this valuable project and am very pleased it passed! And a child care operation on Hart St in SW Coquitlam is currently awaiting final inspection from the Health authorities and will be opening its doors shortly. This was another project I enthusiastically supported.

If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected on October 20, I will continue to advocate for policies and regulations that increase the creation of childcare in Coquitlam.  I am aware of the issues, know what the opportunities are for moving forward and will continue to be creative, collaborative and look for partnerships to make this is a robust reality.

More on affordability: https://www.teritowner.ca/toggle/affordability/