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Cannabis – Legal in Canada Starting October 17

I am receiving a high quantity of emails, phone calls and questions on the door steps pertaining to the upcoming legalization of cannabis.

The specifics of each question vary.  Below are some facts and my thoughts on the topic.

Earlier this year, Council took the initiative to change Coquitlam’s zoning regulations to prohibit the sale of non-medicinal cannabis in Coquitlam. We did this because of the impending legalization of cannabis by the federal government and the complete lack of regulatory framework on behalf of both the federal and provincial governments. 

Medicinal cannabis is permitted in specific zones and all other cannabis-related uses are prohibited – in all zones. Following the finalization of the federal and provincial legislation and regulations, the City of Coquitlam  will develop a consultation strategy to gather public input. Feedback from the public will then guide how non-medical cannabis is regulated in Coquitlam in the future.

To summarize, cannabis will soon be legal in Canada, but it will not be possible to sell non-medicinal marijuana in Coquitlam. 

I share many of the concerns I’m hearing about the possible unintended consequences of the legalization of cannabis. I feel very strongly it has to stay out of the hands of young people and I have concerns around public safety when it comes to operating motor vehicles.

Many are asking me about the public consumption of cannabis.  Coquitlam has a Bylaw that doesn’t allow smoking – of anything – in our parks. I’d like to see the regulations about public consumption go farther. 

Cities are going to be faced with the enforcement of the various issues around the legalization of cannabis.  In essence, it is another downloading of responsibility and costs from higher levels of government on to cities. 

For more info: https://www.coquitlam.ca/city-hall/news-media/news-media/2018/04/10/coquitlam-to-implement-interim-measures-on-cannabis