Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

A Vibrant City

One of the characteristics of Coquitlam that many love is its vibrancy.  But we can do more! 

I have been pushing for more restaurants, more patios, more street and social connectedness.

I fully supported Coquitlam changing its zoning bylaws to allow craft breweries and have embraced all that a craft brewery in our city has to offer.  I would love to see more!  People are living in smaller homes with less room to entertain, have people over.  Therefore, many look for opportunities to connect with people outside of their home and I believe Coquitlam needs more of these opportunities. 

I support staying a “City of Festivals”.  We have lots to celebrate and celebrating is one way to be vibrant, connected and welcoming.  

I fully support more amenities and public spaces for all to enjoy – including off-leash dog amenities.  

Our beloved Town Centre Park performance plaza is something I was proud to support.  This amenity is instrumental for bringing people together and celebrating music, art, cultures and more – much more!  A blog post I wrote about this: https://www.teritowner.ca/2018/07/why-i-supported-the-town-centre-park-performance-plaza/