Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor


COQUITLAM, August 31, 2018 –

Today, Teri Towner has announced she will seek a second term on Coquitlam City Council. Towner is a longtime and award-winning TriCities community volunteer with a focus on families, affordability, welcoming newcomers, and community-connectedness.

“Coquitlam is the best place in Canada to call home, and it would be an honour to serve residents for another four years,” said Towner.

Towner is seeking re-election to continue her efforts on advancing various municipal issues, including affordability, housing, parks and environment, city services and amenities, transportation, and services for seniors.

Towner believes that the biggest issue facing families housing: “We have achieved some strong results, but there is still work to be done to ensure we are a complete community with appropriate housing and the needed amenities.”

On both the TriCities Homelessness and Housing and 3030 Gordon Emergency Shelter task forces, Teri is committed to continuing to refine the successful-so-far Housing Affordability Strategy adopted in 2015. She advocates for policy that will attract more housing options that address affordability for families and seniors and for whom a single family home in this region is out of reach.

In addition to housing for a complete community, Teri wants to ensure that vibrant and diverse Coquitlam keeps making strides with its policies and programs to ensure it remains a welcoming and inclusive city for all to live, work, learn, play and thrive.

Teri understands that residents want more control over what takes place in their changing neighbourhoods and wants to increase the level of citizen engagement and participation in issues that are important to them.

Teri put forward a notice of motion that will be debated at the September 2018 UBCM convention calling for an independent process to examine the issue of local government elected-official remuneration. She also put forward a motion urging the provincial government to establish a framework for the much sought-after ridesharing transportation option. As chair of Cultural Services and the FCM Canada 150 representative, Teri worked hard successfully advocating to have the Canada 150 mosaic mural project come to Coquitlam.

In addition to serving residents as a “community minded elected official”, Teri remains very active in the Coquitlam community while raising her two teenaged children, Jessica and Christopher. Teri serves on the SD43 DPAC executive, the Board of Community Volunteer Connections, the Habitat for Humanity Family Selection Committee and the TriCities Friends of Refugees task group as co-founder and chair.

“I am always out in the community, listening to people who love this city. I want Coquitlam to continue to be a great place to live and raise our children, and I look forward to connecting with residents on the doorsteps this campaign.”

Teri is an independent candidate running an independent campaign.


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