Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor


Using a Dead, Habituated Bear for Educational Purposes

I went into City Hall via a different entrance this week and ended up walking by the “Live Smart With Urban Wildlife” bear display.  I was very pleased to see that the display was up in the public space outside our Engineering and Public Works department with top-notch signage providing reminders about living safely and […]

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Welcoming – and Bidding Farewell – to a Little Winged Trooper

Late last month, in my role as Acting Mayor, I was given a really neat, heartwarming opportunity; one you would say was for the birds. It’s a story definitely worth chirping about; one worth a tweet or two.  🙂  You may have heard about the Bullock’s Oriole who was discovered WAY off her migration course […]

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