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Community Kudos

Our Community’s Extra-Large Heart

An “On This Day” memory popped up in my Facebook feed from 2 years ago expressing gratitude for raising $7000 to assist recently-arrived refugees to our city.  So I looked up a few numbers! The Tri-Cities Friends of Refugees Task Group was formed (I am one of the co-founders) to harness the abundance of goodwill that TriCity residents […]

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A Creative Tool to Address Speeding in Our Neighbourhoods

I am passionate about traffic safety and enthusiastically support any and all initiatives to address speeding cars on our roads and in our neighbourhoods.  I was very pleased to attend the news conference announcing the Coquitlam RCMP “Project Scarecrow”. The pilot of this Coquitlam RCMP program will be launched for 2 months and then assessed with respect […]

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Celebrating Women Influencers

I am honoured to have been nominated by various colleagues and community members for four categories in the inaugural Women’s Collaborative Hub Women Influencers Awards.  And to see my name listed as a finalist amongst such outstanding people is something I truly cherish.  But I will admit, the best part of this entire initiative for […]

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Farm to Food Bank

Back in late August, it was discovered that a Coquitlam farmer, Farmer Ewen, was “done” with his end-of-season blueberry crop but lots of berries remained.  I used to work for SHARE Society and am familiar with the fact that food bank hamper recipients don’t receive very much fresh produce – most, if not all, of the food […]

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Welcoming – and Bidding Farewell – to a Little Winged Trooper

Late last month, in my role as Acting Mayor, I was given a really neat, heartwarming opportunity; one you would say was for the birds. It’s a story definitely worth chirping about; one worth a tweet or two.  🙂  You may have heard about the Bullock’s Oriole who was discovered WAY off her migration course […]

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Kudos to Community Volunteers

Back in May when I left Blue Mountain Park I found an Auto Crime Prevention Notice tucked onto my windshield.  I found the reminder to be very useful and although I don’t leave valuable in my cars, I now pay attention to ensure I leave NOTHING in my car.  When I was leaving last week’s […]

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