Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

Campaign trail

My Independent Candidacy

The Coquitlam Public Library hosted an All-Candidates “Meet & Greet” meeting today.  It was fantastic! I was very pleased to see such a high level of engagement on behalf of Coquitlam residents.  I chatted with residents about zumba classes, bear aware education, speeding cars on our streets, densification, land use, “good neighbour” behaviours, the Riverview […]

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Stop Building! Provide More Housing!

These are interesting times. I have been out and about connecting with residents regularly for many years but right now, during the campaign period, I’m out even MORE.  l absolutely love all the conversations I’m having with Coquitlam’s engaged residents.  I found this conversation particularly interesting: Chatting with resident: “We have to stop or severely […]

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