Teri Towner | Community Builder | Inspirational Speaker | Coquitlam City Councillor

I am a long-time Coquitlam resident with a strong sense of civic duty; someone who is often referred to as a community enthusiast, a community champion. Since being elected in 2014 I have remained very active in the Coquitlam community while raising my teenaged children, Jessica and Christopher. I am energized by taking action, by making a difference, by providing others with fulfilling opportunities to give back; to be involved.

In my role of City Councillor I am currently:

  • Chair of the Culture Services Advisory Committee
  • Vice Chair of the Sports Advisory Committee
  • Council Rep for the Tri-Cities Homelessness & Housing Task Group
  • Member of the Parcel Tax Review Panel
  • Council Rep on the 3030 Gordon Emergency Shelter Task Force
  • Working with the Youth Council; sponsoring their upcoming TEDx Coquitlam event

During this term I also served on the Universal Accessibility Advisory Committee as Vice Chair and on the Joint Family Court and Youth Justice Committee as a Council representative. I was also appointed by my peers to the role of FCM Canada 150 Community Leader.

In addition to attending all Council-related meetings and as many community events and goings-on as possible, I serve on the Board of Community Volunteer Connections, the Habitat for Humanity Family Selection Committee for an upcoming affordable housing project in Coquitlam and the TriCities Friends of Refugees task group as co-founder and chair. I continue to serve on the SD43 DPAC executive and have been serving on both my kids’ middle school and secondary school PACs. And more. I love my city, my community and the people in it and consider the opportunity to serve my community in capacity of City Councillor as an honour and a privilege.

Click here for more on:  Teri’s Community Involvement

I am proud to live in and serve Coquitlam. I have been extensively involved in a variety of worthwhile initiatives over many years as a volunteer, leader, advocate, organizer, speaker, coordinator, planner, trainer and promoter.

I have received awards, accolades and nominations for my community service. I’m often described as an expert at channeling my boundless energy and community spirit into action by focusing my leadership on what counts: people. For more info: Accolades for Teri

My professional and personal background makes me an ideal candidate to bring common-sense solutions and functional practicality to City Council. Besides my dedication to my community and the people in it, I have over 16 years experience as a Human Resources manager/policy integration/analyst at a major BC utility, 10 years in retail banking and a business degree from SFU. I also worked at a local non-profit organizing community events and raising much-needed funds. I represent everyday families and can wholeheartedly and personally relate to the challenges faced living and raising a family in Metro Vancouver today.

I don’t believe that being an elected official means things are accomplished by being political, partisan and stirring up controversy. I don’t divide people and make things adversarial, “us vs. them”. I believe in working together, working collaboratively to find solutions for challenges. Even when we disagree on how to get there, pretty much everyone wants the same thing: a vibrant, prosperous, livable city filled with connected, thriving people. I believe that serving residents as a City Councillor should be about public service, about building collaborative relationships to get things done. It’s NOT about nonstop hyper-partisanship.

I am proud to once again be an independent candidate. I ran a strong and positive campaign in Coquitlam’s 2014 election placing 5th out of 16 candidates and I am running another independent, strong and positive campaign this time around.