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Our Community’s Extra-Large Heart

An “On This Day” memory popped up in my Facebook feed from 2 years ago expressing gratitude for raising $7000 to assist recently-arrived refugees to our city.  So I looked up a few numbers!

The Tri-Cities Friends of Refugees Task Group was formed (I am one of the co-founders) to harness the abundance of goodwill that TriCity residents were expressing towards welcoming and assisting refugee newcomers and the numbers – JUST through our small group – absolutely AMAZE me!

The cash donations, vouchers for groceries and community grants we were awarded total more than $60,000. With respect to harnessing donations of bikes (120+) furniture, clothes, household items I would say it’s been numerous rented U-Hauls worth! The value of the renovations we’ve been able to co-ordinate to convert empty, uninhabitable housing units into safe, clean, welcoming homes, easily exceeds $150,000.

Two young Syrian girls – one with a new-to-her bike

There are no quantitative numbers to put on such things as camps, courses, drives to/from appointments, that have been donated and provided.

Renovating derelict housing units

The gaps that have been filled, the assistance provided to these families and the new friendships and connections made: absolutely priceless.

Thank you to each and every TFOR volunteer and donor who has made a difference for our newcomers. Looking back on these past two and a half years makes me even MORE proud to be a Coquitlam resident living in our caring TriCities community.

My post and original memory:  http://bit.ly/2BYoPqC




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