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A Call From a Supporter Who Can’t Vote for Me

I don’t even know how to articulate what I’m about to write. My heart is bursting – in a good way. 😊

A young Syrian man, who I came to know through my initiatives welcoming and assisting the Syrian refugee families who arrived in Coquitlam, just called me using FB Messenger. He called to ask me where to go vote. When I told him that only Canadian citizens can vote (He and his family are not yet citizens) he was devastated. Absolutely dismayed. He and his entire family were excited to go to the polls today to support me.

He then expressed, in a profoundly sincere way, how much I impacted their lives, making a difference, building community for our city’s newcomers. By the time the call was over, my eyes were wet and my throat had a huge lump in it. . . . . . . . .

I truly serve my community and the people who are in it to try and make a difference for them – and not simply to get votes in the 4 year cycle. . . . . . . . .

His call meant the world to me. . . . . . . .🇨🇦



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