Re-Elect Teri Towner to Coquitlam City Council

Thoughts on the Current Fortis/City of Coquitlam Dispute

Regarding the current battle between the City of Coquitlam and FortisBC over their pipeline upgrade project:  

I accept that traffic will be temporarily affected, that many residents will be temporarily inconvenienced. I am confident we will all do our best to mitigate these impacts and I hope residents going through the area will simply take alternate routes while the project is taking place.

This project is for the overall good of our society. Our population is growing and growth in infrastructure follows. I accept that.

I don’t accept the following:
1. Fortis not making Coquitlam whole with respect to the pavement restoration of Como Lake Ave
2. Their refusal to remove the old pipeline
3. Their outright refusal to honour the request to remove the old pipeline in the portion of Como Lake Ave between North Road and Clarke (where the City needs the space for all the new utilities going in)
4. The very disappointing burden they want to place on Coquitlam taxpayers. Our residents are a very small group compared to Fortis’ ratepayers and the cost of the project should be spread out to ALL Fortis customers.

All of this is very disappointing; very unreasonable. And it’s very unfortunate that it’s affecting my opinion of how this company operates.

It pains me to say this but this isn’t the Fortis I know. I worked for Fortis (BC Gas & Terasen Gas) from 1994 to 2011 and I was very proud to work there. I enjoyed a wonderful career at a top employer, a community-minded, community-involved, socially responsible company that exhibited top-notch corporate citizenship. The way they are handling our requests – on behalf of our residents, our taxpayers – is very disappointing, completely unreasonable and incredibly unfortunate. I really hope both Fortis and BCUC were watching our Council meeting on Monday, July 30 and heard all of our concerns.

Sincere commendations to all City of Coquitlam staff who have done such a great job advocating for these requirements and negotiating with Fortis.


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