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Town Centre Park – 2017’s “Great Place in Canada”

At last Monday’s City of Coquitlam Council meeting, we were presented with the Canadian Institute of Planners 2017 “Great Place in Canada” award for our treasured Town Centre Park!

A jury of certified planning professionals reviewed all the submissions for this contest and this is their statement:

Once the site of a gravel pit, Town Centre Park came to life when Lafarge Lake was donated to the City by the Lafarge company in the mid-1980s. Town Centre Park has since evolved into a city-wide destination park for residents and visitors of all ages, from Coquitlam and beyond. The recent addition of the outdoor performance plaza, which opened in 2016, helps to ensure the park comes alive with both passive and active uses throughout the year. From its beginnings as a former gravel pit, this area has reinvented itself to become a focal point for the community and a close walk from downtown. The jury recognized the many strengths of the park, including its everyday use, community focus, continued evolution, accessibility for multi-generational activities, and a significant role it already plays as the spirit and pride for the city of Coquitlam.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone over the years who had vision and top-notch planning to create the wonderful space Town Centre Park is today!


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