Re-Elect Teri Towner to Coquitlam City Council

A Wonderful Lunch Hour With Some of Our Future Leaders

Have I told you lately how much I love my job?  I spent a very delightful lunch hour today with a grade 6/7 class at Summit Middle school. After receiving a letter from 3 students back in December, I contacted the school and a meeting was arranged. It was so special! 

I arrived at the front entrance of the school to a beautifully made poster and a warm welcome from 3 students. After being led to the classroom, I learned that on “special” days at school (my visit was considered special – that makes me smile!) the entire class gets hot dog day!  Over the whole lunch hour while the kids enjoyed hot dogs and special treats, I fielded questions from the students about the different levels of government, a variety of pressing issues and how I decided to pursue my current role. What fun!

I was impressed with their intelligent, well thought-out questions and I enjoyed every minute of being there. Before I left they were pleased to show me their House of Commons projects currently in the works. Yes those are gummy bears!

I very much appreciated and valued the wonderful opportunity to speak with this classroom of interested and engaged middle-schoolers. I am optimistic about our future generation 😊


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