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Crosswalk Flags – See & Be Seen

I am very pleased that something I’ve worked on for quite some time now has been completed! 

Crosswalk flags have been installed at two crosswalks on Mundy Road.  These flags are a tool that is provided by the community – in this case the Montgomery Middle School PAC – Thank you!! –  and have proven to be an effective method for increasing pedestrian safety.  These flags – that are placed in buckets attached to poles – were developed by a pedestrian safety advocate in Nova Scotia.   The 160 sets that have been installed throughout that province have proven to increase visibility of the crosswalks, to increase visibility of the pedestrians who choose to use them while they cross the street AND proven to increase driver yielding behaviour.

The Coquitlam Legion installed these flags for the crosswalk at Ridgeway and Nelson and Montgomery Middle is the first school in SD43 to install them.  The school held an assembly to talk about these flags and some students have stepped up to be “flag keepers”.  In the few minutes it took me to put the flags into the buckets, two drivers pulled over and expressed sentiments along the lines of, “What a good idea!” and “This is something that’s needed on this speedway of a street”.

I’ve long had a passion for traffic safety around schools.  My goal is always for kids to BE safer and to FEEL safer walking to school and I’m hopeful these flags will help with respect to crossing Mundy Road.  A sincere thank you to everyone involved in this project:  the Admin team at Montgomery Middle, the Montgomery PAC, the City of Coquitlam, the “Cool Routes to School” kids, HASTE BC (hastebc.org/) and Norm, the inventor in Nova Scotia. (crosswalksafety.ca)

Please be safe out there!  


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