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Celebrating Women Influencers

I am honoured to have been nominated by various colleagues and community members for four categories in the inaugural Women’s Collaborative Hub Women Influencers Awards.  And to see my name listed as a finalist amongst such outstanding people is something I truly cherish.  But I will admit, the best part of this entire initiative for me was nominating the people I decided to nominate.  I wrote five 750 word nominations for 5 outstanding women and got an incredible amount of joy from doing so!  I asked them and/or their spouses for more information and I was absolutely ELATED by all the other things about these people of which I wasn’t aware.  I knew they were unsung heroes in our community but when I dug a little deeper to write an impactful nomination that captured their essence adequately, an extra bounce was added to my step from learning more about them – and for knowing them!

We all know outstanding people who go about their lives making a difference.  We don’t always know the obstacles they’ve overcome or what they overcome every single day to make our community, our world a better place.  And we don’t always know about ALL the amazing stuff they do or have done.

No matter the outcome on November 9 at the Awards gala, every single women behind every single one of the 132 nomination is worth celebrating – as well as the people who took the time to research and write up the 750 word nominations.

I am truly looking forward to celebrating the multitude of women who make a mark in our communities by inspiring, influencing, encouraging, mentoring and making a difference!  

Sincerest of commendation to the founders of the Women’s Collaborative Hub and for the creation of the Women Influencers Awards.  The WCH was launched in early 2017 by co-founders Sandra J. Horton, Trish Mandewo and Dana Harvey.  From their website:  The WCH is a social enterprise whose mission is to connect and empower women in business and leadership as well as women in the community. You can find more info here:  https://womenscollaborativehub.com/

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and connecting with many Tri-Cities and Ridge Meadows women since I joined the WCH and started attending the inspiring, safe-to-be-authentic-at events!  I wholeheartedly support women who are doing their best to make a difference in their communities and I think the philosophy and vision behind the WCH is important and worthy.  We need more of that in our communities, our cities, and our world.  These awards and the 132 outstanding nominations that they garnered will culminate in a phenomenal evening of celebrating women on November 9.  No matter who made it to the list of finalists or who ends up receiving the award for each of the categories – every single women who was nominated (as well as those who declined the opportunity to be nominated – that happened to me) and all individuals who took the time to submit nominations are winners, all difference-makers, all reasons for celebration. 

I am proud to be a member of the WCH, overjoyed to have nominated 5 women, thrilled that 2 of those women have been named as finalists and excited to be attending the awards dinner this Thursday.  But I am happiest about the fact that I live in and am an active part of a community that is so rich in outstanding individuals!

Being surrounded by such influential, difference-making women certainly adds to the richness of community life, and to see my name listed amongst such outstanding people is an honour and something I truly cherish. Thank you.

I am truly energized by being a part of the Women’s Collaborative Hub, being involved in my community, and being named a finalist for these inaugural, celebratory WCH Women Influencers Awards. Sincerest of congratulations to all nominees – each and every one of you! – and to all finalists. Please keep doing what you’re doing – our world needs you. I look forward to celebrating with you on November 9!

For more info:  https://www.facebook.com/WomensCollaborativeHub/posts/1959637614295098


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