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Welcoming – and Bidding Farewell – to a Little Winged Trooper

Late last month, in my role as Acting Mayor, I was given a really neat, heartwarming opportunity; one you would say was for the birds. It’s a story definitely worth chirping about; one worth a tweet or two.  🙂 

You may have heard about the Bullock’s Oriole who was discovered WAY off her migration course in Ontario back in December 2015. The bird-watching man who discovered the out-of-place bird, Ray Holland, found it half dead under a tree and brought it to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre in January 2016.

The female bird was dehydrated, emaciated, suffering from hypothermia and had lost toenails to frostbite. She was nursed back to health and returned to BC last week into the care of Burnaby’s Wildlife Rescue Centre.

On this day the healthy oriole and her friend were released in Coquitlam’s Colony Farm Regional Park! I was invited (because Mayor Stewart was unable to attend) and was given the unique opportunity of helping to release the sweet little trooper of a bird. Both the oriole and her pal flew into a nearby tree where they hung out for a while chirping to each other before the oriole flew away.

Wishing a healthy successful migration journey to this little oriole! As the bird was released, Ray Holland was acknowledged for saving it. Sadly, he has passed away since its rescue.

A very sincere thank you to Mr. Holland, the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre & the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC for taking such good care of this bird. Thank you for including me in the momentous occasion!

Here are some links to the story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/2-years-later-off-course-oriole-gets-flown-back-to-the-west-coast-1.4249268




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