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Socks & Underwear Drive for Our Community’s Homeless

I attended a Tri-Cities Homelessness and Housing Task Group meeting
this morning and learned that Coquitlam’s homeless shelter – including the transitional housing – is in need of a few items. Shoes for both genders are needed but what’s REALLY in need right now are warm socks and underwear: sports bra type bras (easier to fit) and underwear for the women and underwear for the men – particularly sizes small & medium.

I did a sock drive 2 years ago and your generosity resulted in me dropping off 300 pairs of socks at the 3030 Gordon Avenue shelter. Let’s do it again, TriCities!

If you find yourself at Wal Mart, SuperStore, Army & Navy, Costco etc. and you can spare a few dollars to purchase a pack of warm socks, sports bras or underwear, please do! Then call me to come pick it up from you or drop it off at my home.

The weather is starting to change and these items really and truly do make a difference to those in our community who are less fortunate. Thank you very much!



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