Re-Elect Teri Towner to Coquitlam City Council

Saturday is voting day!

Tomorrow will be Saturday November 15.

Provincial laws require that I cannot change anything on my website on general Election Day, so I am posting this at dinner time because of how important this reminder is.

Residents throughout British Columbia get to exercise their democratic right to elect their municipal government representatives. Did you know that you have the greatest opportunity to affect change at the municipal government level, compared to any other level of government?

Thank you for the support you’ve shown me when we’ve met on your doorstep, in shopping centres, at transit stations, and at community events. I have had such a great time learning about the issues that are important to you. You are proud to call Coquitlam your home.

Coquitlam is my home, too, which is why I am excited to be campaigning for a seat in Coquitlam City Council:

  • I have a strong desire to see it flourish as a world-class city.
  • I have a passion to bring about changes that will improve conditions for families, seniors, businesses, and recreational groups.
  • I want to ensure that Coquitlam City Council members are free to vote independently, and not bound to partisan politics.
  • I have the business training and human-centred work experience to put people first before process.
  • I am committed to listening to your concerns and addressing them before Coquitlam City Council.

Let me know how I can help you to exercise your right as a voter. If you have already voted in the advanced polls, I thank you for taking a step to make a difference!


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